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    1. Thanks John. Do you have any photos from back then posted anywhere? Or know of any? I’d love to see what Eureka looked like back then! It’s a great part of Canadian Arctic & science history.

      Back in 2014, I was at Eureka with a team that included Prof. Tom McElroy. He gave the Eureka staff and PEARL team a talk one night about the history of the Eureka site. It was really interesting. I wish he had that online somewhere.

  1. Dan, nice photos.

    It would be helpful for the public to know what research cannot be done at OPAL or the Eureka station and requires the Ridge Lab.

    1. Hi Ray. I have been thinking about what other content to upload to talk more about the science. I don’t want to simply upload my public talk slides, as those are built to discuss the science, but are intended to work in combination with me talking about the material. I could do a video… but I haven’t had the time. Yet. I appreciate the feedback and interest!

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