This page contains a summary of documents and links to resources I have used throughout the fall 2017 PHY100 tutorials.

Feel free to look at them but do not distribute or post elsewhere.

Please note that content on these slides and covered during tutorials is not exhaustive. The lectures, assignments, and textbook should be reviewed in preparation for the exam.

Also note that embedded videos will not work because I am posting slides as PDF documents. I’ve aimed to list the resources I’ve used in the links below.

Tutorial slides:

Tutorial slides used (weeks 1 through 11) can be downloaded with the password I gave to my students:

Helpful resources:

Interactive simulations from PhET




Rube Goldberg Machine examples (energy transformations):

General relativity:

From the space station:

Northern Lights:

Copper pipe demo:

Feather drop:

Double-slit experiment & particle-wave duality of light: