Public outreach

I value opportunities to share my insights and experience as a scientist with the public.

Please contact me if you are interested in inviting me as a speaker.

Highlights of my science outreach work include:


The December 2016 issue of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) published a photo of mine on the cover, along with an article I wrote about my research. It’s on their website here, but I’ve extracted the pages with my content for convenience, which you can find here:

CMOS Bulletin (Dec. 2016) – Dan Weaver’s photos and article

During my 2014 trip to PEARL, I wrote a series of articles for U of T News. I aimed to give general readers an overview of the research done at PEARL, and what it is like to experience field work in one of the most remote areas of Canada.

Reporting from the Arctic:

Measuring ozone, tracking satellites, hiking fiords
A typical day in Eureka 
The science behind the mission 
Advice for surviving winter 
When fog hits 

Social Media

In 2012 I started a few social media channels to help connect the public with research at the high Arctic PEARL facility. I ran the accounts for a few years, but I have passed this role to others. To see more about what my colleagues and I have been up to, take a look at the postings on the CREATE Arctic Science blogTwitter, and Instagram.

Public talks

I’ve given public talks semi-regularly about PEARL and my involvement in its important research. These events have been on U of T campus, at Toronto schools, libraries, and at the invitation of community groups. I’m always seeking ways to make them more informative and enjoyable.

I’ve posted a virtual tour of PEARL.

A list of my past public talks: 

Dan Weaver – public outreach and education talks (Dec 2017)