My name is Dan Weaver. I’m a scientist, teacher, photographer, and drummer living in Toronto.

Photography: I post some of my favourite photos to my photography section. There are highlights from Arctic fieldwork, wilderness camping, and living in Toronto. I tend to post more often to Instagram (@danweaver_ca), so follow me there for more photos. I offer event photography services (details).

Teaching: As an educator, I’ve taught in classrooms, given lectures, and developed curriculum. I’ve posted some useful physics resources and studying/test-taking advice to my education page.

Research: I’ve been conducting research as part of Prof. Strong‘s experimental atmospheric physics group at the University of Toronto since August 2010, starting as a research intern. During my graduate studies, I travelled to a lab near the North Pole (PEARL) to acquire measurements of the high Arctic atmosphere.

Science outreach: I’ve been actively involved in science outreach for a decade. I’ve contributed to science education NGOs, created social media accounts to share atmospheric research with the public, written articles about my research, published photos of fieldwork at PEARL, and given regular public talks about atmospheric research and the PEARL facility.

Politics: My interest in politics and policy is mostly found on Twitter (sometimes my blog). I’ve been a member of the Evidence for Democracy Board of Directors since 2013, and am an active advocate for science and evidence-based public policy.

Music: I have many hopes for growing the music section of this site. At the moment it’s a few photos.

Other places to find/contact me: