My name is Dan Weaver. I’m a doctoral student (UofT/Physics) and drummer living in Toronto. I have an active interest in politics, and love spending time outdoors. This site has a few parts to it, reflecting different aspects of my life.

I’ve started loading some of my favourite photos, starting with some from my Arctic trips, in my Photography section.

My interest in politics and policy finds its home in my politics blog (not yet started). I enjoy discussions with people about current affairs and hope I’ll start that soon. For the moment, find me on Twitter.

My music section will eventually have stuff related to my drumming, musical interests, and current projects. At the moment it’s a few photos.

I have an extensive background in education – I’ve taught in classrooms, developed curriculum, and managed teams of volunteers for education NGOs. I am also an Ontario-certified teacher, and help teach undergraduate physics courses as part of my Ph.D. program. I’m slowly populating my education page with useful resources and other stuff.

I’ve been conducting research as part of an experimental atmospheric physics group at the University of Toronto since August 2011, starting as a research intern. During my graduate studies, I travelled to a lab near the North Pole, which provides unique opportunities for Arctic science, nature walks, and photography. I’ve also started Arctic science social media accounts, written articles, and given public talks semi-regularly because believe reaching out to the public is an important part of being a scientist.

Being actively outdoors has always been an important part of my life. I enjoy canoeing, biking, hiking, and camping. I’ll post photos and stories from my trips… at some point.