My name is Dan Weaver.

I’m a scientist, teacher, photographer, and drummer living in Toronto.



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Canadian High Arctic flag and hiker


Algonquin Park Blue Heron


Toronto Nathan Philips Square during Nuit Blanche 2017

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I grew up wanting to be a scientist.

I couldn’t be happier to be pursuing my doctorate at the University of Toronto Physics Department. I’m currently a member of Prof. Kim Strong’s experimental atmospheric physics group. I started out working for her after my undergraduate (B.Sc., astronomy & astrophysics) and education (B.Ed.) degrees, conducting measurements and maintaining instruments at the Toronto Atmospheric Observatory on the roof of the U of T Physics building. I then became a graduate student and completed my M.Sc. in physics in 2012 (on water vapour measurement techniques in the High Arctic).

My Ph.D. work primarily revolves around measurements taken at the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL) on Ellesmere Island, near Eureka, Nunavut. It’s a fascinating place to work, and makes important measurements for research into climate, ozone depletion, atmospheric dynamics, and air quality. I’ve also worked with several satellite datasets, including those from Canada’s Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE) mission.

I wrote a short article about my research for the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Bulletin (Dec. 2016 issue). They included a set of my photos, including one on the cover. I’ve had two cover photos for Canadian science journals.

I’ve posted a virtual tour of PEARL here.

If you want to get in touch with me regarding my research, I can be reached at:

dweaver (at) atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca

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