Two recent cover photos

I usually post politics-y stuff here. But… I’m happy my photography has been featured in two Canadian science journals recently.

In between taking measurements of the Canadian high Arctic atmosphere, troubleshooting instruments, and running communications for the research team at PEARL, I took plenty of photos. They’ve been useful for public talks, science communications, and general enjoyment. So far, my photos have found their way into a calendar, major news outlets, a variety of websites, and now the two cover photos.

First up was the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Bulletin. Their December 2016 issue featured a photo of the PEARL research team installing instruments on the roof. These instruments were for satellite validation. I also contributed an article about the fieldwork and a small collection of photos. And, of course, the cover! You can find the excerpt I contributed here:

CMOS Bulletin – Dec. 2016 (Dan Weaver cover and article)

Here’s the cover only:

CMOS Bulletin - December 2016 - cover (photo by Dan Weaver)

CMOS Bulletin – December 2016 – cover (photo by Dan Weaver)

Next was the Physics in Canada Issue 01 of 2017. While it was the first issue of the year, it wasn’t published until June. In any case, my photo is on the cover! The photo is also taken on the PEARL roof. It features the protective enclosure of a sun tracking instrument that sends a beam of sunlight down into the infrared (IR) spectroscopy lab below. I spent plenty of time during campaigns both on the roof and within the IR lab.

Research from colleagues of mine filled the issue. However, there isn’t a way to provide direct links to specific issues on the PiC site.

The cover photo can be seen here:

Physics in Canada – 2017 Iss.01 – Cover (photo by Dan Weaver)

Physics in Canada - 2017 No.01 - cover (photo by Dan Weaver)

Physics in Canada – 2017 No.01 – cover (photo by Dan Weaver)


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